Making Suggestions

■ You might like to have a Bordeaux wine

=   peut-être souhaitez-vous

■  You could start with a glass of sparkling wine, if you like

=  vous pourriez ... si vous voulez

■  I would recommend (that) you get it by the bottle

=  je vous recommande de

■  I suggest that ou I'd like to suggest that you try this dry white wine

=  je suggère que

■  It might be a good thing ou a good idea to pair this dish with…

=  ce serait peut-être une bonne idée de

■  Perhaps you should keep this wine for the cheese

=  vous devriez peut-être

■  If I may make a suggestion, a full-bodied wine might match this dish better

=  si je peux me permettre une suggestion

■  Might I be allowed to offer a little advice? – you will appreciate white wine with your fish

=   puis-je me permettre de vous donner un conseil ?

■  If I might be permitted to suggest something, having this great wine would enhance the taste of this dish

=  si je puis me permettre une suggestion


■  How do you fancy a wine from this region? (familier)

=  ça vous tente ...

■  I was thinking of pairing your duck liver with this wine. How about it? (familier)

=  qu'est-ce que vous en dites ?

■  What would you say to try  awhite wine with your cheese?

=  que diriez-vous de

■  Would you like to have it by the glass?

=   aimeriez-vous

■  What you need is a a dry white wine. Why not taste this one ?

=   pourquoi ne pas

■  What do you think about having this sweet wine with your dessert?

=  que pensez-vous de

■  Would you care to taste the wine, Sir? (soutenu)

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